About Chinmay

Hi, I am Chinmay Shah, a 21-year-old Computer Science senior who is quite optimistic about the future and strongly believes we can make the world a better place.

I usually blog on Medium, and now here too. You can also catch me on Twitter where I am quite active.

I am a software developer by heart but love both software development as well as machine learning (but I do confess I prefer building frameworks over models).

I am not inclined to any specific language or frameworks, rather, take up whatever language that is best for the project. But lately, I’ve been mostly working with Python, but do have strong foundations in C++ and JS among others.

I have a couple of projects spread across various domains, more about it here.

I am super excited about Multi-planet civilization, Quantum Computing, and AI among other stuff. But I believe AI won’t take over the world but definitely we will need to reskill ourselves.

A strong believer in if you want to change the world, you gotta do it yourself. If you wait for others, probably it’ll be too late.

Outside my primary skills, I like to read (mostly blogs and non-fiction) and bike.

In the end, all I gotta say is if you are the same person as a month before, you aren’t learning enough and probably you need to challenge yourself a bit more.

Want to talk further? Hit me up on Twitter or Contact here.

Thanks for reading!